“Hey, leaders of our country!”

“I know there’s a child in there hurting and I want to acknowledge that and say, you know what? it’s okay, everything could be so okay if you’d just let yourselves truly STOP for a moment; have an HONEST look at your early lives, shed some tears and see what opens up as a result.”

When we are separated from our parents at an early age and grow up without being held by them, the kind of holding born out of a deep respect and understanding of who we are, of our uniqueness, a gentle connected hold where we are truly seen and heard; then a side of us shuts down and a sort of hardened resilience builds up because it has to.

Isn’t resilience is a good thing ordinarily?

Yes, but mix it up with the early trauma of emotional abandonment that is possible to be experienced from being sent away to school, self-entitled parents, and go-getting attitudes born out of competitive natured schools driving home the importance of winning. Now add into that, that showing emotions are a sign of being weak and success is measured by educational achievement then resilience becomes more than just based on honest personal survival it becomes blinkered, pushy and relentless.. of course, this isn’t true of everyone it’s just my theory to possibly explain why some of today’s leaders act as they do.

We get people like Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, Michael Gove, Jeremy Hunt and some MPs that almost appear blind to the core values that truly connect and unite us;  core values like benevolence, inclusivity, respect and caring, the values that make us good honest humans. Instead, the values of achievement and power are accentuated so that these people shout loudly to be heard, interrupt one another instead of listening and show little respect and love towards themselves or anyone else.

The truth is these people are not well enough to have such a huge responsibility placed upon them. They display symptoms of acting from a place of fear, and they clearly don’t have empathy or compassion at the forefront of their agenda; to me, these things make them unqualified to lead our country.

Let’s look at how we are currently raising our children

We tell them to speak kindly to one another to be compassionate and empathetic, we want them to know about equality, about being helpful and polite, we want them to be conscious and learn about the natural world and be concerned about climate change and environmental issues. Do the children in private schools such as our MPs went to get taught about these things? Times have changed and I bet they do, I bet they are currently doing all sorts of projects that bring awareness to these subjects, and surely core values are explored.

Why, if we currently teach these things to our children do we think it is perfectly okay to have our country lead by people who aren’t interested in these urgent topics, who from their upbringing and schooling are not effectively qualified to be emotionally responsive to the current needs of the population?

Let’s look at Mindfulness

It’s a buzz word at the moment and rightly so because it is proven to help countless children who suffer from anxiety, stress and depression as well as the many adults that do. We’ve come to recognize that it is possible to work with ourselves to alleviate these symptoms, in a way that allows us to see our thoughts and emotions for what they really are instead of being blindsided by them

Why then, when we see the value in this do we think it’s okay to have our country run by unmindful people?

We can clearly see that some people in power don’t act with an empathetic nature they don’t seem to act from a place of compassion and their speech is often unkind, so we can deduce from this that they haven’t truly got to know themselves; that often they are operating from a place of reaction and their agenda is already set with no room for listening. It is perfectly clear by the way that they communicate with each other that they are people who have never worked on their ‘stuff’.

We all have ‘stuff’, very few of us were brought up perfectly; it is healthy to critique our parents and our upbringing so that we become better parents ourselves, and if we don’t, we either just blindly play out what’s gone before or take unresolved inner frustration out on ourselves and others without even knowing it.

Why are we allowing our country and other countries to be lead by people who are not living the core values we teach our children?

They are so obviously hurting and take their hurt out on each other and on us. We have seen recently the MP Mark Field take his anger out on a peaceful Greenpeace activist, we have seen Trump call for the death penalty for a group of teenagers who recently got out of prison after 13 years, and have since had their innocence proven; not to mention all the abominably racist, homophobic, unhumanitarian things Trump says on a daily basis. We also see the way in which our MP’s, our leaders, communicate to each other in Parliament, disrespectfully without compassion and so far removed from anyone who has done an ounce of work on themselves.

Examples are subconsciously lead by the top down. When a head is good the school is usually good, and here we see our current problem.

Many of our countries teenagers have more morals and stronger, fairer core values and would be better equipped to run our country than the adults presently floundering around in a state of lost confusion.

Isn’t it time we listened to our children? Time that we recognized the Greta Thunbergs’ among us, and realized that each generation is slightly more evolved and consciously aware than the one before. One day when our children are old enough maybe this country will be run more fairly, but something could be done today! The time for change is NOW.

“Leaders of our country and anyone who supports them let’s not wait for the next generation to show us how it’s done, why not take a humble look inwards and take a stand for the core values that connect us all not drive us apart”.

“It’s okay, you can.”

“I know there is much in place that makes you think you can’t change things like old belief systems playing out, yet a belief is only a thought you’ve thought over and over again, it is not set in stone and can be changed at any moment. I challenge you to question your beliefs and see if they are in line with your essential core values. You can, at any moment decide to change, it’s only you that’s stopping you. Set aside Wealth, Personal Gain. What Other People Might Think, and take a look at The Schwartz theory of Basic Values and see if you are exemplifying a balance of all of them.”


“You can do anything. You, more than anyone have been brought up to believe that. You could take steps towards making this country somewhere the world can look towards as an example of political, humanitarian and environmental excellence. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you were at the front of that?”

“We all have one life and we are all ultimately working towards a peaceful death, to die a death full of anxiety isn’t a pleasant way to go. Have you thought about this? It’s okay, many haven’t.”

“How is your sleep?”

“Know that you can change things at any moment. How daring you would be! I believe you can. Do you?”