Its back! The chance to spend the day with Sue and Kate as you experience the dynamic fluidity of Dru yoga and the still calm of Mindful meditation.

When the flowers start to bud and bloom we can be pretty sure that winter is behind us (although these days we have to watch out for that unsuspecting last frost!) Step into Spring with fresh beginners eyes and mirror nature as you also unfold and blossom in your own way. Spring is a time of newness, of rebirth, a time to look towards the rest of the year with optimism and curiosity for what it might bring.

It is scientifically proven that Self-reflection and looking inwards is a very beneficial thing for your brain! We all want to be able to remain cool in a crisis and not flip our lids so a combination of inner reflection, laughter and good relationship to yourself and others will bring about greater resilience in all areas of your life.

What to Expect

Flowing Yoga sequences to boost determination and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised. The mindfulness aspect to the day will allow you some quiet reflective time to connect in with your inner knowing to see the coming months with clearer vision and be able to set intentions that you can get excited about. Please come with your inner child in toe they may be required to from time to time! You are also very welcome to use the day as quietly as you like and with as much participation as you like. This day is a chance for you to be exactly as you are.